Due to coronavirus, the port in Topolobampo is closed to navigation


Topolobampo, Sin.- “With the intention of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, the Captaincy of Port in Topolobampo, Sinaloa suspended the authorization for departure and dispatch of all vessels dedicated to the provision of nautical services until further notice. This also applies to smaller, recreational and sports boats”, Jesús López Contreras announced.

The Port Captain in Topolobampo, announced that this measure is by instruction of the Secretary of the Navy and the reason is to prevent crowds at certain places, that could cause a contagion problem.

López Contreras, indicated that this measure is not aimed at fishing vessels, pangas or shrimp boats, which can carry out their normal activities, as well as ferries, in which strict measures are taken to prevent the spread of the disease.

“It is only for tourism service providers and for smaller recreational boats, that is, the fishermen can go out fishing, for them there are no restrictions, the ferries will be operating too, but under strict monitoring, “he said.

He indicated that so far people have complied with the measure and are taking the aforementioned restriction in the best way, however to prevent someone from ignoring the call, there will be permanent surveillance by personnel from the Ministry of the Navy.

Source: Linea Directa

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