AeroCalafia aircraft reported missing


Guerrero Negro Baja California .- In little information that has been obtained, it is reported that they have lost communication with a Cessna Caravan aircraft of the company AereoCalafia that left early today from the city of Hermosillo to Guerrero Negro.

According to the few available data, the airplane with registration XA TWN, took off from the city of Hermosillo at 7 in the morning with the pilot and only one passenger on board. However, 48 nautical miles away, when I was traveling through the international waters of the Gulf of California, contact was lost.

The arrival of the plane was expected at 8:10 in the morning in Guerrero Negro.

The pilot of the aircraft is identified as Alfonso Palomares Navarrete and the passenger, Carlos Omar Zárate Camacho, originally from the city of Santa Rosalia.

The search for the Aerocalafia plane continues

With 4 aircraft flying over four sectors, the search continues for the Cessna 208 Caraban light aircraft that took off from the Hermosillo airport on the morning of December 24 to lose all radial contact minutes later when flying over the Sea of ​​Cortez. Black Warrior

In the Cessna 208 light aircraft Caraban registration XA-TWN, besides the pilot Alfonso Palomares, only one passenger was traveling, a mulegino named Carlos Omar Zárate Camacho.

The Undersecretary of Civil Protection in the entity, Carlos Alfredo Godínez León said that the responsible authorities had a search operation where 4 aircraft flying over four sectors are used to cover as much space as possible.

With 2 airplanes and 2 helicopters, one of them a Blackhawk of the Secretary of the Navy, overflights are carried out in the most difficult route areas, “so it is not ruled out that during the course of the day, it could be located, this if the climatic conditions allow it ”.

The Aerocalafia aircraft took off the morning of December 24 from Hermosillo, Sonora, bound for Guerrero Negro, lost contact 49 nautical miles from the Hermosillense airport.

Source: penninsulardigital, heraldodemexico, cilectivopericu

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