Mazatlecos and foreigners exchange chickens and pantries for smiles


Yolanda and her mazatlecos, American and Canadian friends distribute chickens, pantries, blankets, clothes, and toys

Mazatlan.-  Alina Lugo’s face lit up when she had a chicken and a pantry in her arms that allowed her to have a pleasant Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas with her children.

In the company of his children, he arrived at the end of the Universo colony to receive the donation of a group of Mazatlecos who, in solidarity with Canadians and Americans, exchange chickens and pantries for smiles. 

God is great

Lázara Cervantes, 70, was moved to tears when it was his turn and received help.

“This will allow me to make a soup with vegetables to eat at night, and to celebrate Christmas I will prepare a mole,” which he will share with his children and grandchildren. 

On the other hand, Guadalupe Torres, from the Loma Bonita neighborhood, thanked the food and blanket they gave her. “God is great and through these people, he distributes to those who have less,” she said moved by the supports.

Yolanda Medina, together with a group of neighbors and foreigners, has 29 years of sharing with chicken and under-protected families, clothing, blankets, and some toys.

This program came after the help that one day Yolanda Medina and her husband, Modesto, received in a Pediatric Hospital. A group of people, on Christmas Eve, shared their dinner, their daughter, María Yolanda, died, but gave her the strength to be supportive and contribute to people having a good night and a merry Christmas.

The donations of almost 3 thousand in food and a batch of two thousand pieces between blankets, clothes, toys, and accessories, were distributed to families of the invasions Canaco, Felicidad, September 13, Presitas, San Antonio and in child care associations , young and old adults.

Also, this time they brought some support to low-income families of the Villa Unión syndicate.

Source: el debate

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