Pinitos or Isla de Chivos, options for the inclusive beach in Mazatlan


Playa Norte is a complicated and rocky area, warns Operator and Administrator of Beaches

Mazatlan Sinaloa.-Pinitos or Isla de Chivos, on Isla de la Piedra, are the best options for an inclusive beach in Mazatlan, because they have the advantage of being very calm waters, however, it requires a large investment in infrastructure; assured the director of Operator and Administrator of Beaches, Rogelio Olivas Osuna.

Regarding North Beach, he said that it is a complicated place because it is a rocky area that is visualized when the tide falls.

Pinitos is very small, but for me, it is ideal, although you take care of doing a good project, take advantage of Fort 31 to put the palapas and the parking lot, you can do an integral project, but there it takes care to see the aspect of the storm drain in that area, you would have to make an investment, because near there is a drain that unfortunately when it overflows it goes to the rain channel and that channel goes to Pinitos beach

Osuna Olives

In the case of Isla del Chivo, the disadvantage is how to move people with disabilities to that place, since the access road to Estrella de Mar is being remodeled, but you do not have a boat that moves at the crossing, and not There is a transport team that can take people with wheelchairs or motor disabilities.

He clarified that the project to create an inclusive beach in Mazatlan is promoted by the municipal DIF and the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fisheries, in the case of Operadora de Playa only collaborates by providing information and suggestions.

I would go to Isla de Chivos, which is on Isla de la Piedra, mostly because of the type of tide, it is a very calm storm surge, that is the great advantage; the disadvantage there is to make the change of urban infrastructure in the area so that people with a motor disability can reach that place, but if it is by swimming area, it makes me the calmest

Osuna Olives

He said that the choice of an inclusive beach is very complex since many aspects have to be seen, not only to put a chair or a palapa for people with disabilities, it includes the theme of parking, beach width, trails, distance of travel, dynamics of water in winter and summer, if there is sedimentation, what type of sand, water quality, among others.

For me, Isla de Chivos or Pinitos are very small spaces, but the dynamics of the water is very calm, there the problem is how you take people there, that is the great disadvantage

Osuna Olives


Special infrastructure for people with disabilities

Parking lot

Braille system signage

Access ramps

Suitable palapas with furniture

Amphibious equipment: walkers, stretchers, chairs and lounge chairs

Marine Buoy System

Trained staff

Rogelio Olivas Osuna, director of Operator of Playa Mazatlán.

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