Tourists rate Mazatlan as a place with affordable prices


The Malecon is the attraction that visitors like most

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Mazatlan.- Thousands of tourists have come to Mazatlan over the weekend with the purpose of enjoying the pleasant climate that is experienced in this month and escaping the cold that is in their places of origin. They visit the main attractions of the city such as the Malecon and its different photographic whereabouts, one of the places that visitors like the most, in addition to the Golden Zone and the Historic Center.

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There are those who arrive at Mazatlan for the first time and some others who, captivated by the beauty, gastronomy and good atmosphere that are lived in the port, are frequent visitors.

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Most value the city as an inexpensive destination, with affordable prices, although one or the other considers that pneumonia and public transport, in general, have a very high price.

Alejandro, from Mexico City, visits the port for the first time, has been to different beaches and finds that Mazatlan’s are the cheapest so far.

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I found the city beautiful, it is the first time I come, it is interesting, the beach is very beautiful, I have been in Acapulco, in Cancun, on several beaches and the truth, this is the cheapest, the most expensive beach is in La Paz and Los Cabos. I like the tranquility that is breathed here.


In hotels and food there are for all tastes and prices, says Mauricio Aguilar, who comes from Mexico City and has been several times to Mazatlan.

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From the time I know Mazatlan, it is very changed, there are prices for everyone, I see it in prices of hotels that are on the coast and in food, there are for all tastes and price.


Frida, originally from Torreón, Coahuila, really likes coming to vacation at the beach, but considers that the pneumonia abuse the rate they get to charge.

Yes I like the city, it is very beautiful, there are things that are more expensive, for example, pulmonia, abuse.


From Manzanillo, Colima, Alejandro, and his family come, what they liked most is the Malecon, however for him it is an expensive city, especially public transport.

“It’s a beautiful, fun city, I don’t think it’s an expensive city, I always come on December dates,” adds Gabriel Sánchez, a native of Zacatecas.

The tourism that is in the city comes from different parts of the Mexican Republic.

I am loving Mazatlan again, I came about 20 years ago, the Historic Center is very beautiful, the truth is what I like most is the Malecon, it is a beauty; There are areas that if they are more expensive than others, I consider that the downtown area is accessible to tourists.

Humberto, a native of Guadalajara.

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