Mazatlan seeks certification for recreational use of Playa Bonita


Hotel staff, City Hall and Operadora de Playa work in force on 508 meters of beach to comply with the sanitary norm

Mazatlan Sin.- The auditors of the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certificationarriveto review the 508 meters of Luna Bonita beach, and see if it complies with the Mexican standard NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2016 that establishes the sustainability requirements and specifications of environmental, sanitary, safety and services quality, for its certification in the modality of recreational use.

The review will include water quality, solid waste, coastal infrastructure, biodiversity, environmental education, security, and services.

Hotel staff, Operadora de Playa and City Council worked in forced march last weekend to compensate for the ravages left by the effects of the rains last Thursday, as the rainy discharge eroded the beach a little and dragged trash on the sand.

Still, on the eve, ditches were made to introduce pipe to the banks of the fences and to channel all storm drains and condensates to a storm drain log.

Arturo Moreno and Juan Ramón Ramírez, room division manager and Maintenance manager of the Pueblo Bonito Group, we’re confident in achieving certification since for 3 months deep cleaning tasks have been carried out on the 508 meters that include the front of the Pueblo Bonito and Luna Palace hotels.

The rain-affected us a lot and we had to bring equipment to cover the rainwater discharges that caused us some erosion in the area of ​​beaches, but we are moving forward and we are confident that we will get ahead of this situation and that we will achieve certification, there are many people working, the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies supports us and Operator of Beaches, here by the hotel, we bring 25 people doing deep cleaning attached to the fence, on Monday we would start with this cleaning where the last tide arrives to keep this in the conditions in which they are required

Arturo Moreno

He said that the auditors are from Sunday, this Monday they will go to Playas Operator to review the documentation that must be submitted according to official regulations, including concession permits for the beach area.

On Tuesday, from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the auditors of the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification will go on field trips, with several strokes one meter wide and 100 meters long in the 508 meters of beach, in that transect (line drawn) you should not find more than 5 impurities on the beach such as cigarette butts, cap threads or unicel balls.

The work is a little heavy, but we will have the possibility of going ahead of them cleaning what we see, they come walking behind us doing what is the audit; there are 3 auditors coming and a viewer who is doing his training

Arturo Moreno

The cleaning works, he added, have been carried out for more than two months; Many cigarette butts, screw threads, unicel balls and trash buried in the sand have been found.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, there will be a closing meeting, where the results will be delivered, in case of irregularities there will be a period of 28 days to be corrected and certified this year, and if they pass all the tests, the favorable opinion will be given.

The idea is to have the certification this year, at the end of the year we must already have it, from what is the Luna Palace street, and to the entrance of the staircase of the former hotel El Faro, until there 508 meters

Arturo Moreno

Arturo Moreno indicated that it was called Luna Bonita Beach, because the section to be certified is located in front of the Luna Palace and Pueblo Bonito hotels, and a combination of the names was made, but also because at night, that beach resembles a Moon at the end of what was the Hotel El Faro.


For his part, Juan Ramón Ramírez said that work is being done so that all rainwater and condensate discharges go to a storm drain registry, in compliance with the sanitary norm.

“In the whole hotel zone, the rain register must go out to the sea, but the new norm that they bring now says that no residual or rainwater should discharge to the beach because the sand becomes black and that looks bad, so we are going to channel all the storm drains, of condensates, of everything that there is towards the beach, we are going to put it in a pipe and we will download it to the municipal drain ”, he added.

He said that Playa Luna Bonita will be the second certified beach of Mazatlan in the recreational use modality, the first one was Gaviotas Beach, in addition to the Camacho Green Beach that is classified as a sustainable clean beach, in priority conservation modality.


508 meters of beach is the section that is being certified as Luna Bonita Beach.

1,500 meters of certified beach is the goal of the current administration.


Gaviotas, recreational use

Verde Camacho, priority for conservation

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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