Two other beaches in Mazatlan are certified for a total of four


Two other beaches of Mazatlan obtained the certification of clean beach: Estrella del Mar and Luna Bonita, both, in the modality of recreational use.

With the two new positive opinions, granted by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification, they already total a total of four certified beaches for this tourist destination; three of them in the recreational use modality and one in the priority conservation modality, the Mazatlan Beach Operator and Administrator reported Friday.

The length of Luna Bonita is 514 meters and that of Estrella del Mar is 2 172 172 meters, which makes it the largest beach in Mexico in its category. In addition, this last section has a turtle field for the conservation of sea turtles.

“The certification opinions guarantee that Luna Bonita and Estrella del Mar meet the requirements of water quality, solid waste, coastal infrastructure, security and services, biodiversity and environmental management initiatives and contributions,” the agency said in a statement. .

Luna Bonita Beach, Mazatlan. Photo: They are Beaches.

First certifications of Mazatlan beaches

The first beach in Mazatlan to obtain a certification was El Verde Camacho in the priority mode for conservation, in 2012. With a length of 6,040 meters, it is also the largest beach in the country in its category.

Subsequently, in 2013, Playa Gaviotas was certified in the recreational use modality. Both sections are in the recertification process.

During 2019, the corresponding procedures were carried out to comply with the certification requirements of Luna Bonita and Estrella del Mar.

With the two new opinions, they already add a total of four clean beaches in Mazatlan.

What is the clean beach certificate?

The certification is given to the tourist beaches of Mexico that comply with the NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2016 standard, which includes measures for the protection of the environment in terms of water quality, solid waste, noise pollution, coastal infrastructure, biodiversity, security, and services, in addition to environmental education.

This certification is valid for two years and must undergo recertification to maintain it.

The application of the requirements established by this Mexican standard includes the two types of beach:

1) For recreational use.

2) Priority for conservation.

Verification and training work on Estrella del Mar beach. Photo: courtesy.

Sinaloa will double its clean beaches

According to reports from the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of Sinaloa (Sedesu), this year a total of six new clean beach certifications will be obtained in various municipalities of the entity. If you want more information about this, go to this link .


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