Mazatlan’s Carlos Berdegué presented with ‘Miguel Alemán Valdés’ award


Participating in the award ceremony for the “Miguel Alemán Valdés” Tourist Excellence Award to businessman Carlos Berdegué Sacristán, general director of El Cid Resorts, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel said that this recognition distinguishes Sinaloa because it exemplifies the effort of the tourism sector of the entity to be better and thus attract many more national and foreign vacationers.

It was Miguel Aleman Velasco, as president of the Miguel Aleman Foundation, who delivered the press, which was instituted in 1989 to encourage and recognize Mexican researchers, businessmen, students, academics and tourism professionals, distinguished by their constant work and perseverance in favor of tourism in Mexico.

Quirino Ordaz explained that it is a well-deserved award for an entrepreneur with a family history in this industry, who have been promoters of Mexico and especially Sinaloa.

The governor took advantage of this framework to invite to know more about Sinaloa, which from the 2018 Mazatlan Tourism Tianguis was put on the world map of tourism, which has allowed not only to confirm the scheduled events but to have more, not only in the port but throughout Sinaloa.

“We are very honored to be here, in what is a historical monument, honoring the memory of a great statesman as was former President Miguel Alemán Valdés,” he said to later express that today Sinaloa and Mexico need more unity to get ahead.

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El Cid Country Club

Carlos Berdegué, on the other hand, thanked the distinction and explained that the legacy and example of his father, Julio Berdegué Aznar, is the one that as a family they seek to profess, as better people and entrepreneurs, for the deep affection he always had for Mexico.

In his message, Miguel Alemán Velasco pointed out that the objective of this presentation is to recognize those who make tourism an art to falling in love with those who visit Mexico, and distinguished that Sinaloa is present in topics such as the tourism industry, music, cinema, sport, so this state is thriving thanks to the talent of its people.

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The former governor of Veracruz recognized a push president in Quirino Ordaz who will undoubtedly leave a Sinaloa with development.

In this event, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros, and the coordinator of the Tourism Program of the “Miguel Alemán” Foundation, Javier Vega Camargo, and Alejandro Carrillo Castro, general director of the event, participated.