Mexicans Listen To More Music Than Any Other Nationality In The World, Report Finds


Mexicans listen to 25.6 hours of music per week, almost 8 hours more than the international average.

For a people that parties as hard, sings as passionately and dances as often as Mexicans do, a people who produced the likes of Vicente and Maná, it is no surprise that Mexico listens to more music than anywhere else in the world.

A 2019 study by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) reports the average person listens to about 18 hours of music per week.  Mexicans, on the other hand, listen 25.6 hours per week, almost 8 hours more than the global average.

The IFPI’s Music Listening 2019 Report found that 62% of Mexicans consider themselves “music lovers” or “music fanatics,” according to Billboard, with rock being the No. 1 preferred genre, followed by pop, Latin pop, and regional music. Reggaeton came in at No. 8 and metal at No. 10.

The majority of Mexicans listen to music on their phones (over half are watching music videos) while commuting to work or school, hitting the gym, or hanging out at bars and clubs.


The Mazatlan Post