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Mazatlan police will use all available resources, Peace is sought in the municipality

The Secretary of Security, Federico Rivas, revealed that political crime has been detected to destabilize the institutions

Mazatlan police remain firm and dignified closing ranks with citizens, working in the municipality and in the constant search for peace, said Secretary of Public Security, Federico Rivas Valdés.

When questioned about the assaults that have been recorded in the city in recent days, he stressed that all available resources and efforts are on the streets, in addition to what has been requested that is necessary to serve the Mazatlecos more and better.

He commented that he does not distribute blame or hide behind false profiles on social networks, and that on the contrary, he remains firm in the assignment given by the mayor of Mazatlan Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and with the support of the corporation and the entire Group of Coordination for the construction of peace and citizenship in general.

The Secretary of Public Security said that three types of crime have been detected in Mazatlan, including that generated by inequality and poverty and this is already being resolved at the root from the federal government and the municipality.

“The second is organized crime that is the product of greed and social decomposition that goes beyond covering any prevailing basic need and is gradually being resolved as the National Guard and other agencies are strengthening; and the last one is the political crime that brings together elements of organized crime, which everyone already knows but its aims are to try to destabilize the institutions and the formally established government, to create distrust and fear in the population and thus gain power spaces, media politician,, ”he detailed.

Captain Rivas Valdés insisted that in the face of citizens’ concerns, each dependency or instance of government must do what it is up to and in the best way possible.

“If we are going to patrol we do it well. Those who investigate that they do better, and those who seek justice to continue doing so with integrity and special emphasis on the repair of the damage, ”he said.

The Secretary of Public Security added that he will continue with the daily meetings with the citizens to know his concerns and needs and provide him with the information he needs, regarding where to file a complaint, as well as continue making available the emergency number 911 and the application Mazatlan APP for any matter that citizens need to report

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