Mazatlan, within the Top 5 in timeshare exchanges


Due to its positive numbers, it is the Mexican destination that grew the most in this concept within the portfolio of RCI, a leading company in this sector

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- On tourism issues, at a national level, Mazatlan was the destination that registered the most growth in terms of the exchange of timeshares through RCI, a leading company in this sector, this was announced by Miguel Ángel Loya Cisneros, Director of Business Development for RCI Mexico in the Pacific.

“Mazatlan, fortunately, has already about 30, 36 months with a very important rise (…) last year closed with growth in hosting of just over 10 percent compared to 2017 and now in 2019 we bring a growth of almost 13 percent on arrival of tourists, ”he said.

For this reason and thanks to the changes in its image and the efforts made by both the Private Initiative and the government entities, it has been able to attract the attention of visitors, so that today the Pearl of the Pacific It is located within the most demanded destinations for the users of this service.

“Within RCI, Mazatlan is in the Top 5 destinations demanded by our customers, which is extraordinary and more so being Mazatlan one of the cradles of what is the vacation property,” he said.

The tourism specialist revealed that this destination has 39 hotel developments within its portfolio.

Miguel Ángel pointed out that the tourist who arrives through this conduit has an average stay of one week and that 70 percent of those who arrive come from the rest of the republic and the remaining 30 percent from the United States and Canada.

“Currently Mazatlan as a destination, in terms of occupation as RCI, it is one of the destinations that has shown the most growth (…) without a doubt Mazatlan is a destination that is in the national and international eye and that increasingly seizes more strength,” stressed the director of business development.

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