3 places in Mazatlan to eat on the same street


At the intersection of Calle Gutierrez Najera corner with Heroes street of the Tampico cañonero there are 3 places that each have their own fame but unites them being in the same street at the back of a roasting shop and I’m talking about Tacos El Veneno , Mariscos La Rasta and Cenaduria Laura.

Tacos El Veneno

These tacos are recognized for their taste, sauces and the venomous mouth of the poison. They are part of the tradition of many Mazatlecos who eat several tacos during the morning at this place. They are so iconic that they have become part of a gastronomic tour that considers it representative of our cuisine.

Fish finger tacos and golden tacos are recommended. Remember that the one who takes it holds.

Mariscos La Rasta

Mariscos La Rasta was formerly called Mariscos especiales el Negro but since last year Rasta has been responsible for keeping alive the recipes and the legacy of these cart seafood that is located on this street that we already mentioned. As in the good seafood of cart everything is prepared at the moment with fresh products so it can be a little longer than in a restaurant but it is worth waiting a little longer.

I tried the sierra ceviche and it’s very good, the one that sells the most is the rasta special ceviche. They also sell for toast and campechanas.


This place was recommended to me for their chicken tostadas, I have not yet had the pleasure of trying them but it is the most popular of the menu and I also went to this place several times.

Cenaduria Laura has Domiciliary service in case you want to try something of this place without having to go there.

Now you know 3 other very Mazatlecas options for breakfast, lunch and dinner without complicating your life and supporting the local economy. If you visit any of these places, tell us how you liked them and what else you recommend.

Source: El Mazatleco

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