A Culinary Experience with Chef AbueLinda in Ajijic Lake Chapala


Join Linda R. Harley, chef and cooking instructor, in a memorable cooking experience.  To each class she brings her passion, her culinary expertise and her extensive travels – including 35 years of living and cooking throughout Latin American and the Caribbean. A fun way to spend time with family, friends. . . and fantastic food!!

Every class includes useful information on Mexican ingredients, hands-on instruction, enjoyment of your prepared gourmet dishes, agua fresca and take-home recipes.  Feel free to bring your own favorite adult beverage to any class!!! 


“Tianguis to Table” – Wednesday Market

Every Wednesday AbueLinda takes a class on a walk through Ajijic’s weekly open-air market, called the tianguis (tee-ang-geez).  Participants will start the class by learning how to choose local fruits and vegetables, then return to the kitchen and learn how to cook them, and then enjoy the fresh-cooked flavors.

“Monday at Chapala Market”

Explore Chapala’s tianguis with its Mexican flavors and ingredients.  We’ll broaden our taste buds, shop and eat local food.  A mouth-watering experience that will surely be the first of many visits.

(Add our cooking class, at our kitchen in Ajijic, for an additional fee-we do not offer transportation)

“Special Request Classes”

We can schedule classes on Thursdays for groups of 4 or more participants. 

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A Few Class Suggestions

 (or let AbueLinda surprise you with one of her favorites!!)


Beans, beans, and Salsas:  More than 200 varieties given by Mexico.  Today we will sample popular varieties: Peruano and Flor de Mayo (Jalisco) and Negro (southeast Mexico).  The class will showcase three versions including soup.  Three salsas will change boring beans into exciting meals!

“Soups and Sopes”

 Pozole, a delicious regional soup/stew with hominy and melt-in-your-mouth pork chunks, with balanced seasoning.  Accompanied with tostadas and lots of garnishes!

“Travel Mexico”

Travel Mexico without leaving Jalisco 

Veracruz:  Pescado a la Veracruzana: A rich tomato-based sauce complimented with olives, capers and macerated raisins compliments our freshest white fish.  This dish is one that marries old-world ingredients with Mexico’s distinguished global contribution:  tomatoes!

Chiapas:  Pollo Encacahuatado: a rich, roasted peanut mole highlighting Chile de Arbol and simple spices.  Easy to duplicate back “home”.

Regional Mexico: A truly traditional class featuring local Jalisco Beef Birria, refried beans, and red rice. Taught hands-on by AbueLinda’s sous chef, from the recipe taught to her by her mother. 

Puebla:  Chile en Nogada – Chile poblano stuffed with a mix of meats and ingredients from the old and new world 

Each class includes information on Mexican ingredients, hands-on instruction, enjoyment of your prepared dishes, agua fresca and recipes. Feel free to bring your own favorite adult beverage to any class!!! 

Our deepest thanks go out to our student, Kim Shelly, for sharing the video below. Kim recorded the video at the Tianguis to Table class on October 4, 2017.


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