Playa del Carmen Expat warns of pervert on the loose


Playa del Carmen.- A resident of Playa del Carmen, who wanted to remain anonymous, denounced through social networks having been followed by a man on a motorcycle who began to masturbate in front of her.

According to the story, in English, which he delivered to another person who was in charge of publishing it in a Facebook group of foreigners in this city, the event happened Sunday, at about 9 in the morning, in the New Fifth, in the 78, in the direction of the Colosio, when he jogged and noticed that there was a man on a motorcycle who first thought he was urinating, but then found, to his horror, that he was masturbating in the middle of the street and, worse, he was following her at low speed on your motorcycle.

As he approached, staring at her and continuing with his dirty action, the foreigner decided to confront him, so he went to him and kicked the motorcycle, throwing it on the ground, then kicking the bags he carried with him, scattering its contents.

The surprised subject began to apologize in Spanish and collect his belongings, at which point he began to take pictures.

“I don’t know if I should share his photos, maybe it was enough and he won’t do it again, but what if he does it again, or if he is already able to do this, he would be able to rape someone,” he wrote. the alleged victim “They told me ‘don’t share, you will ruin your life’, but I think that is what all the victims hear and that is why harassment and rape are not punished as it should be.

I shouldn’t think about his feelings, but that now I’m afraid to run around and probably won’t do it again, and what could have happened, if I hadn’t shown strength and responded to his harassment, maybe I couldn’t even write this message”.


The Mazatlan Post