Mazatlan: Rains hinder repairs of the sinkhole on Internacional Mexico Hwy 15


Rains increased water levels in the area and represents a risk for workers

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The rainfall recorded in recent days in Mazatlan makes it difficult to repair the sinkhole found on the Mexico 15 International Highway, said Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, general manager of Jumapam.

Tiznado Ontiveros commented that rains increase water levels in work areas, and represents a risk for workers.

“We work at night, because it is a connector of high conduction of sewage, in the day we cannot close valves to repair the rupture; but right now the inconvenience is that it rained again and we will fight more because the water levels rise and It’s not healthy for people who are working there, “he said.

The municipal official said the repairs cover more than 40 meters of pipe, which in recent days was reported to be brought from Hermosillo, Sonora.

01 09 socavón international highway mexico 15

The socavón on the Mexico 15 International Highway, is one of the four subsidence that the rains have left in the port, the others are located in Pedro Infante Street, in the Jesús García neighborhood; Jorge Negrete, in the Esperanza neighborhood and Luis Nishizawa street, in Villa Verde.

The repair of these sinkholes will cost more than 15 million pesos.

Source: reaccion informativa

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