They find body of a man floating near Paseo del Centenario in Mazatlán


The victim has not been identified so far, apparently, he is a fisherman

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. –  Lifeless and floating in the waters of the sea that bathe the slopes of the hill where a school is located in the area of ​​Paseo Centenario, the lifeless body of a person was found who until now is unknown.

The report on the finding of the person was issued at approximately 7:30 am, Elements of the Aquatic Squad arrived at the place and immediately went into the sea to be able to remove the victim, when intercepting him they realized that he had no vital signs.

The personnel that entered the sea had to swim an approximate distance of 500 meters to put it on the sand to begin with the processing of the area.

The deceased is a man with long hair, his age is estimated between 33-37 years old, he wore a blue shirt, so far his identity is unknown.

At the conclusion of their work, prosecutors in the South Zone ordered the Guardia Funeral Home to lift the body and take it to Semefo to wait for possible relatives to identify it.


The Mazatlan Post