Felipe Carrillo Puerto.- Mayan women from Quintana Roo traveled to the Republic of India, where they will participate in the International Solar Training Program “Solar Moms” , having a five-month stay, time in which they will gain new knowledge and skills for the use of solar energy .

The representative of the Cooperativa Túumben K’ooben of Felipe Carrillo Puerto , Dulce Magaña, announced that the lucky ones to be chosen in this mobility program were three Mayan women from the community of Nuevo Jerusalem , in the neighboring municipality of Bacalar.

He noted that Elidé del Socorro López Ku, Vilma Noemí López Ku and Alika Santiago, obtained three scholarships for training in the installation of renewable energy in a school in Tilonia , India.

He explained that this training program is possible with the coordination of the Government of India, the United Nations Development Program UNDP, GEF, Túumben K’ooben, Barefoot College and U k-lu’umil X-ko’lelo’ob .

He added that with such training, women will be able to perform from the installation of a circuit to the installation of solar panels and that when they return to their place of origin they will also be the example and inspiration for the empowerment of women.

Dulce Magaña accompanied by Basilio Velázquez mentioned that once Mayan women return they will be able to share their experiences in different communities and at the same time be able to continue the development of the knowledge acquired on the construction of renewable energies.

With the participation of Mayan women in that country, more than 20 generations are already participating in the program promoted by the government of India, which brings together women from Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Africa, Asia, Mexico and from all over the world. world .

“The commitment of women is to take the training, return to their places of origin, replicate the training and install solar energy systems, ” he added.

He also said that this October a training program starts in various communities of the Yucatan Peninsula by the team of Túumben K’ooben on the construction of wood-saving stoves and also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases .

Extending the invitation to the population interested in joining a learning team of community promoters and promoters.


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