Alert! ‘Hurricane Lorena’ will leave heavy rains tonight night over Sinaloa


Although it goes to the Baja California Peninsula and touched the coasts of Jalisco and Michoacán, its cloud falls reach Sinaloa, warned the head of the Technical Directorate of Conagua, José E. Parra

Photo courtesy Semarnat-Conagua.

From Thursday night will begin to feel the first effects of hurricane “Lorena” on the entire state of Sinaloa, since the greatest impact is Jalisco and Michoacán, said the head of the Technical Directorate of Conagua , José Emerio Parra Flores.

“There are forecasts of heavy rains for most of the state, we are in a surveillance zone, surely we are going see at least 50 mm rainfall in some areas, very specific rains, it all depends on the cloud disbursments that this system throws at us,” he said.

Parra Flores said that there are no conditions for this phenomenon to be strengthened once it enters the Pacific Ocean again since it is estimated to go outside the peninsula, although it will have an effect as to the fall of abundant rain in that region.

He clarified that in the case of the tropical storm “Mario”, it does not mean a risk for national territory although some landslides interact with “Lorena,” the centers are quite far from each other, so that their movement will remain separate.

Source: linea directa

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