British Airways pilot strike affects Cancun


With a weekly flight from London Gatwick Airport to Cancun International Airport, British Airways is one of the main airlines of the coveted British tourism, but the flight scheduled for this Monday was canceled before the pilots’ strike of the aforementioned English airline.

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British Airways had to cancel almost all of its flights on Monday due to a 48-hour pilot strike around salary.

Thus, this pilot pressure measure affected its BA2203 London-Cancun and BA2202 Cancun-London flights that were to operate on Monday in a Boeing 777-200LR / F (twin-engine jet) (B77L) aircraft with a maximum capacity of 440 passengers.

Meanwhile, this September 9, the Cancun International Airport registered 179 national and 177 international operations for a total of 356.

The English airline had no “way of predicting how many (pilots) will go to work or which aircraft are qualified to fly,” according to a statement. Therefore, the company said it has no choice but to “cancel almost 100 percent” of its flights.

British Airways said it was willing to resume negotiations with the BALPA pilot union, and offered affected customers the options to book another flight or recover their money.

The union accuses the airline of amassing huge profits at the expense of its workers, who made sacrifices during difficult times. The possibility of calling another strike on September 27 is being considered. According to El Financiero, the airline operates up to 850 flights a day.

Source: el financiero

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