Mexico uncertainty halts purchases from tourism providers


The uncertainty about the national economic situation, which saw a recession, caused that during the first half of the year, hoteliers and restaurant owners slow down the purchase of robes, mattresses, towels and real estate, which caused an annual drop of up to 20% Sales of suppliers of these products.

After a tour of 24 HOURS at the ABASTUR 2019 fair, aimed at tourism service providers, suppliers, and consumers, it was found that the companies admitted the drop in their sales since they argued that hoteliers and restaurant owners expressed their distrust in the future of the country’s economy.

In this regard, Mayela Domínguez, sales coordinator of a uniform distributor, said that at the beginning of 2019 some orders were retained since its consumers “did not know how the economic landscape would be and were afraid of the direction that the industry could take throughout the year”.

In this context, he said that at the end of the first half of 2019, retained orders continued their sales process, but their quantity decreased. In parallel, Elena Soto, commercial manager of a towel and bathrobe distributor, said some customers postponed their purchases by 2020 to see if the country’s situation was improving.

“Even our regular customers demanded greater guarantees in the purchasing processes for fear that the production of items would fall,” said Aaron Balbuena, head of sales for a pillow manufacturing company. In addition, he regretted that until August 2019 he would only have 20 orders, since, in relation to the same period of the previous year, the orders ranged between 150 and 200 applications.

Restaurant owners worried about bank failures

In contrast, software distributors for hotels and restaurants agreed that, due to recent failures in electronic payment systems, users were asking for greater security over the programs in charge of keeping accounts, inventories or personnel registration.

“We know that the cards are a matter of the banks or their payment system, Prosa, but who ensures that those failures will not jump into our network and will cause it to collapse. It is pertinent that software distributors get to work on it to ensure that our business is not affected, ”said Susana Álvarez, commercial director of a restaurant at CDMX.

And in recent days, bank payment systems have reported at least two systematic failures, which have caused a collapse in the transactions of thousands of users.

The aforementioned affected the productivity of commercial establishments nationwide.



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Source: 24-horas

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