The mayor believes that ‘panic button’ will reduce criminal acts in Mazatlan


MAZATLAN.- Before parents, teachers and students of Technical High School 81, of El Castillo, the municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that the “Alert or Panic Button” is ready and will be launched so that citizens can report criminal acts or suspicious behavior, and thus attack the criminal acts that afflict the city so much.

He explained that it is a digital tool that will work in support of the number 911.

«Concerned about security problems, we designed an Alert Button for the city that will serve all Mazatlecos when they feel threatened by a criminal act.

«That alert button will be integrated into an application in the city called Mazatlan App; Everyone who has a smartphone will be able to download that application that has been running since January 1 and all we did now was add the Alert Button, which will start working in 8 days, ”he announced.

Benítez Torres explained that constant tests have been done and one of the most recent was a simulation that took place last Sunday, of which no person from the Municipal Police was informed.

He explained that it was the report of an alleged crime and it was achieved that in 3.51 minutes the first respondent of the Municipal Police arrived at the place where the button was activated for the apparent crime.

“It was a very important time to help prevent crime, which is our function,” he said.

Benítez Torres called on all citizens to download the application, which is free and has access to the Municipal Alert Button at any time of the day.

“We continue to make adjustments, I believe that this response time of 3.51 minutes will be improved, to make the Mazatleco feel really protected by Municipal Public Security, so we will continue to work,” said the Mayor.

This application allows citizens of Mazatlan a mechanism for citizen service reports on public services, parks and gardens, street lights, potholes, potable water, garbage, and other matters.

It also allows receiving notifications made by the City Council of Mazatlan concerning: traffic, construction sites, events, and promotions.

And a direct communication channel with the mayor via a message system.

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