SINALOA: Classes suspended due to heavy rains’ forecasted


It is in the municipalities are Elota, Cosalá, 
San Ignacio, Mazatlan, Rosario, Escuinapa and Concordia

On the recommendations of the State Institute of Civil Protection of Sinaloa, the Ministry of Public Education and Culture (SEPyC), classes and teaching activities are suspended, as well as administrative activities in the morning shift at all educational levels and educational modalities in Elota, Cosalá, San Ignacio, Mazatlan, El Rosario, Escuinapa and Concordia, for this Monday, August 26, given the forecast of very heavy rains for the municipalities of the southern state mentioned above, is indicated in a state government bulletin.

In view of the imminent risks they represent for the school community, the SEPyC recommends managers, teachers, and parents to comply with the recommendations of the competent authorities, in order to avoid accidents

Likewise, the general population is invited to be aware of the information provided by the Civil Protection authorities.


Good day. UA Director (s) of the USSR: By the provision of Civil Protection of the State of Sinaloa and our institution, today Monday, August 26, due to the meteorological phenomenon classes are suspended, as well as administrative activity.

In addition, they are informed that the University Sports Center and the facilities of the UA of San Ignacio, Villa Unión, Concordia, El Rosario and Escuinapa, are constituted as temporary shelter centers, so they are charged with being very aware, in effect to provide this service to those who, as a consequence of this phenomenon, require this service.

During the day they will be informed about this situation. For your attention thanks. Atte. Vice Chancellor URS.

The Mazatlan Post