Merida Yucatan closes noisy bars in Historic Center


Six businesses are suspended

The Directorate of Urban Development closed in the last two nights six-night bars of the Historic Center for excessive noise, in response to repeated complaints from neighbors and in accordance with the provisions of the ordinance on the matter.

Since the entry into force of the new Environmental Protection and Ecological Balance Regulation, two months ago, inspectors of the agency have carried out checks in the establishments that accumulate more complaints about the scandal they produce. “Now we proceed to apply the precautionary measure of the suspension until they present the soundproofing study and mitigation measures,” says Architect Federico Sauri Molina, head of the management.

All over Merida

The six closures are the first cases of application of the new regulations, but this crusade will not be limited to the first square of the city, he adds. It is starting at the Center because it is where the largest number of complaints have been filed, but operations will be extended throughout the city.

The joint work of Urban Development and the Municipal Police will also address the issue of the speakers that a large number of shops install at their doors because they believe that the noise attracts buyers.

Inspectors are moving to other sectors of the city, particularly the North, where they receive support from the Ministry of Public Security because they are outside the jurisdiction of the Municipal Police.

“On Friday there were three bars, last night another three … it is not desirable, but our commitment is to attack the noise problem thoroughly,” he says. “After the awareness and dissemination of the new regulation are now the coercive measures, which we apply through the Legal Affairs Branch.”

The six operations responded to specific complaints from citizens who feel affected by the noise produced by these businesses, but in one case the establishment also operated without permission, he says. “The neighbors are our thermometer to know how things are, that is why we have always asked the citizens to approach us. In the period of sensitization, the citizenship was very receptive and now it is up to us to enforce what the norm orders ”.

Architect Sauri points out that the closure is temporary, that is, that the bars will not be closed forever and clarifies that the authority is not against the businesses that offer entertainment, all they are asked is that comply with the new regulation, which clearly establishes the maximum limits allowed.

The anti-noise ordinance approved two months ago prohibits exceeding 65 decibels at night (from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.), the limit for falling asleep, according to the World Health Organization. “In the measurements we found that some bars reached 110 decibels, well above what is marked by NOM 81 of the Semarnat, to which the municipal ordinance is aligned,” he explains.


To reopen, businesses must commit to Urban Development to make the necessary adjustments that prevent noise from affecting the neighbors, modifications that are often such simple measures as saying lowering the volume of music, yes, in the understanding that this regulation contemplates recidivism, which is punishable by more severe economic sanctions and which may lead to even final closure.

For the time being, in addition to the suspension of operations, a fine was applied to the six businesses, the minimum established by the regulations. The closed bars are: La Pulquerida, PK2, D’Lorean, Pipiripau, Presunta Bar and Mayan Spaces.

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The official warns that the authority will continue to apply the rule. “Just as for many days we do an intense work of steering to raise awareness of the value of respecting the regulation, now we are going to apply the law.”

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Espacios Mayas

“We are looking for a harmonious city, for which, we consider, citizens must comply with the rules. Only then will we preserve the city we have today and enjoy, ”he concludes. – Mario S. Durán Yabur

Noise Crusade

According to Renán Barrera Concha, there are 36 businesses suspended this year.

First fruits

The new regulation against noise that seeks to end the problem of excess noise, “is already giving the first results,” said yesterday at a press conference the mayor of Merida.


“The only way that harmony can be achieved in the Historic Center is that everyone, neighbors and business owners, do their part and that the authority regulates what happens there, what is now done,” he added.


In the last two nights, six bars were closed for producing a lot of noise.

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