Former Canadian consul tortured and murdered in Cancun


In a preliminarily report it was indicated that the body of the 62-year-old former Canadian consul showed traces of violence and a written message was found on the corpse.  

CANCÚN, MX (Fiscalía General del Estado de Quintana Roo) .- Former honorary consul of Canada, Daniel Lavoie, was found dead inside his apartment, on Pecarí Street, in Supermanzana 20, in Cancun. Versions indicate that his body was wrapped in a sheet, with traces of violence as well as an alleged message was written using notebook paper saying: “This happened to you for raping children”.

Authorities say the body of the 62-year-old former Canadian consul was found by one of his friends who came to see him at noon this Sunday because he could not communicate with him. When he arrived, he opened the apartment with a copy of the key.

There were bloodstains in the house and the body had been rolled up in a sheet, pillows had been placed on top of the body and his feet had been tied with hammock ropes.

Elements of the Municipal Police shut off the area and the entrance to the house, for the beginning of the investigations by the Ministerial Police and experts from the Attorney General’s Office.

The friend identified the deceased as Daniel Lavoie, of Canadian nationality, he had been living in Cancun for the past 33 years and had served as honorary consul of his country, until eight years ago when he began teaching private French classes. 

Source: noticaribe, the yucatan times, vanguardia

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