Have you tried Dehydrated Escuinapa Sinaloa Mango


* A quality product 
* When you try it you don’t stop

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Escuinapa.- The municipality of Escuinapa is known for being a great producer of Mango, over the years the Rivera family became large exporters of this rich exotic fruit.

It was in the 1990s when Europe and Asia subsequently began shipping to the United States, Mangos Riveras grew considerably, becoming the most important export chain in southern Sinaloa.

Ernesto Rivera, director of Rivera Products commented that the history of the Rivera Mango of Escuinapa begins in the seventies, women touch the maturity in which the product is located and that is what determines the exquisiteness of the product.

“The best fruit is chosen from the field, it arrives here and washed with all the hygienic regulations so that it reaches the ladies’ hands so that they take out the pulp that will be dehydrated, the important thing is that when you get to try it do not stop, it is a quality product, ”explained the producer.

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