Mazatlan Hotelier against floating water park location


* You must change your location 
* It will affect North Beach fishermen

After the announcement of the installation of the Floating Water Park, Wibit in North Beach, Carlos Berdegué Sacristán, president of the Cid Resort group does not agree with the location of this new attraction.

Carlos Berdegué Sacristán

“I think this project is going to affect the fishermen of Playa Norte, these types of projects must be in closed areas, it is in a work source area and it is not fair for me to put themselves at risk,” he said.

The businessman said that the tourist wants to see the beach in its total magnitude and does not want to see a water park covering the landscape just as he stressed that he is investing in the image of Mazatlan and the park would come to harm.

“From the Monos bichi to Olas Altas 
the Historic and Cultural Mazatlan begins and in that area, certain restrictions have to be kept to give it that cultural tone and the park does not contrast with the image that Mazatlan wants to give,” he described.

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