Mexico: Recreational use of marijuana will be addressed in September in the Senate


Recreational use of marijuana will be addressed in September in the Senate, as part of the pending issues.

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Mexico.- The Senate of the Republic will address the use of marijuana for recreational purposes next September, said the president of the Board of Political Coordination (Jucopo), Ricardo Monreal Ávila.

The legislator explained that the issue of decriminalizing the use of marijuana is one of the pending issues of the legislative agenda of Morena , which will be addressed at the beginning of the second year of the LXlV Legislature, after the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) resolved in this regard, so that legislators addressed the issue.

“In addition to the laws that will remain pending in the Senate, one of them key, the decriminalization of the use of marijuana … only marijuana … recreational use.”RICARDO MONREAL AVILA.

After addressing issues such as the creation of the National Guard, Educational Reform, ratification of the Mexico, United States, Canada (T-MEC) Treaty, increase in the minimum wage, freedom of association, rights of domestic workers, among others, during the Two first regular periods, now it is necessary to resolve that issue that has been raised will help to pacify the country.

It should be remembered that there are several initiatives in this regard, one of them promoted by the licensed senator and today Secretary of the Interior, 

Olga Sánchez Cordero .

In addition to the recreational use of marijuana, part of the pending issues in the current legislature is to address constitutional jurisdiction, secondary laws of educational reform, creation of the Institute of Health for Welfare, raise organized crime to create ghost companies, among others.

The legislator ruled out that other substances such as poppy are addressed , it will only be marijuana.

Brave and intelligent decision 

It should be remembered that the Criminal Traffic Light organization, chaired by Santiago Roel, described the decision to decriminalize marijuana as brave and intelligent, especially the initiative presented by Sánchez Cordero, which aims to pacify the country.

The activist has pointed out that the anti-drug policy implemented in previous six-year terms has been wrong since this increased violence in the country, as drug traffickers dispute territories under the idea of ​​”silver or lead.”

Decriminalization of cannabis seeks pacification of Mexico

According to the initiative presented by the Secretary of the Interior on November 8 in the Senate of the Republic, it seeks not only to address the economic issue, but also to prevent addictions, eliminate corruption, promote family integration and, among other aspects. , to prevent citizens from remaining victims of insecurity, as have been the more than 240 thousand murdered and more than 40 thousand disappeared.

“We are not in favor of the absolute liberation of all drugs, we are in favor of freedoms and rights … we are in favor of the regulation of cannabis, of its medicinal use, of self-determination, of liberating those who they are in the grip of the threat from organized crime and poverty. We are in favor of living in a Mexico in peace. “OLGA SÁNCHEZ CORDERO.

It also seeks to prevent the 50 million poor Mexicans and 9 million in extreme poverty from being the main victims of organized crime.

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