Train blockade in Zacatecas; affects railroad workers in Aguascalientes and Durango


Inhabitants of Felipe Pescador demand the reopening of Cañitas railway station

Millions loss and hundreds of railroad workers stranded cause the blockade of railroads that last Monday carried out inhabitants of the town of Felipe Pescador, in Zacatecas.

The demonstrators, led by a person named Benito Bueno, demand the reopening of the Cañitas railway station, among other demands.

The protesters have prevented the passage of at least 20 convoys a day with cargo from Aguascalientes to northern states, as well as cargo from that area of ​​the country to the entity.

This situation has caused heavy losses not only to the company Ferrocarriles Mexicanos (Ferromex), but also to the industry established in Aguascalientes, which increasingly uses the railroad to move from basic, auto parts and automobiles.

The secretary-general of Section 2 of the Union of Railway Workers of the Mexican Republic (STFRM), Raúl Vázquez Valdez, denounced that at least 400 railroad workers have not been able to resume their work, which leads to heavy losses to their income.

While the railroaders of Section 9 of Gómez Palacio, Durango, complain about the lack of work and millions of losses in Ferromex due to the blockade, which they consider sabotage.

The vans, gondolas, and cars that transport from perishable food to cars leaving Aguascalientes are stranded and exposed to robbery, denounced the union leader of railroads of Section 9, Jesús Díaz López.

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