Mazatlan hoteliers on alert in the absence of water in Cerritos and Marina area


The president of Hotels and Tourist Companies in Mazatlan said that although the flow improved by 15%, the supply is maintained with water trucks, and that will generate uncertainty since they are economic losses that were not contemplated

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Mazatlan, Sin.- Despite the fact that the flow of potable water service in the hotels of the Cerritos and Marina de Mazatlan areas, in the last three weeks has improved by 15 percent, the sector continues to supply 40 percent through pipes, therefore they are on alert since they do not see when this problem is resolved, said Julio Birrueta.

The president of Hotels and Tourism Companies in Mazatlan said that the meetings held every week with the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan are technical, where they assess the progress of water supply, a problem that had not been presented in previous years, in such a way that they explain the causes of the affectation.

“The average that we bring to the moment is a shortage of up to 35 and 40 percent. Hotels have to be supplied with pipes. This problem is not going to end in the short term as we have been seeing, we are doing everything possible so that the problem is going strong and we have it since April. ” 

The hotel entrepreneur said that the information they have on the part of the manager of the Jumapan in Mazatlan Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros is that the pumping of the water that is made drinkable does not reach its destination, so they work to see where the vital liquid is retained, but what they are sure of is that until the Miravalles system is in place it will have a hundred percent supply. 

Julio Birrueta pointed out that this issue generates uncertainty, since they do not know until when the flow of water will be regularized, meanwhile, they are on alert since many of the tanks do not maintain their level of security in the hotels in case there is any eventuality, that is why it is important that this be resolved as soon as possible.  

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