Sinaloa, very close to eliminating extreme poverty


CULIACÁN.- During his visit to Sinaloa to give the keynote address “Measurement of Poverty and Evaluation of Social Policy”, the Coneval executive secretary, Gonzalo Hernández Licona, highlighted that extreme poverty in Sinaloa is only 2.6 percent, of the lowest in the country, and in some municipalities, such as Angostura, Salvador Alvarado and Elota, where the number of inhabitants in this condition is less than a thousand people, it will be possible to close down very soon.

The head of the National Council for Social Development Policy Evaluation (Coneval) first headed a working meeting with state secretaries, which was coordinated by the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez, and then, Dr. Hernández Licona gave his keynote address to public servants of the three levels of government, legislators and the general public in the auditorium of the Government Palace, to talk about the situation of Sinaloa in terms of poverty.

In this regard, he stressed that the 2.6 percent of extreme poverty is equivalent to 77 thousand people, of a total of almost 3 million inhabitants that Sinaloa has, and considered that it needs very little to kill at least half that percentage, which is present in the municipalities of Badiraguato, Cosalá, Choix, Sinaloa, Elota, Angostura and Salvador Alvarado, although in these last three municipalities, where there are less than a thousand people in that condition, you can raise “white flag” and completely eradicate extreme poverty .

“In the case of Sinaloa with 77 thousand people in extreme poverty, we said a while ago in a meeting, that Sinaloa is prepared to at least reduce extreme poverty in half in the following years of Governor Quirino Ordaz and it seems to me that the secretaries at the meeting we had, they are very willing to collaborate with that because Sinaloa is very close to it, “he reiterated.

Hernandez Licona said that reducing extreme poverty is a topic of several secretariats, since you can not leave only the Secretary of Social Development the issue of poverty, and during the previous meeting held with the entire cabinet, said that the secretaries They agreed on an element of coordination with the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez.

In the balance he made, the secretary of Coneval explained that Sinaloa is well below the national average in the two indicators, because in general poverty, its percentage is 30.5 percent, less than 43 percent that exists throughout the country , and reiterated that in extreme poverty, the state 2.6 percent is less than the 7.6 percent that prevails throughout the Republic.

He considered that the fact that Sinaloa is better than the national average is because it has had several things that have been positive: one, a push for work and employment and historical investment that has been helping because the best formula for lowering poverty is that There are jobs and sources of work, he stressed.

The owner of Coneval concluded that the main factor for generating poverty in Mexico and Sinaloa, is the lack of access to social security, because there is still a high percentage of people do not have this benefit, basically because they lack formal jobs, and as long as more of these can be generated, the lack of social security can be reduced.

Both with the secretaries and in his lecture, Dr. Gonzalo Hernández Licona explained that the measurement of poverty has seven specific criteria to be assessed among families, which are economic income in the first place; second, access to education; third, access to health services; fourth, access to social security; fifth, quality and housing spaces; sixth, access to basic services in housing; and seventh, access to nutritious and quality food.

Welcoming him, the secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez, said that the social policy of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel is a policy that is aimed at being close to the people, going to the popular colonies, syndicates and fishing camps directly.

About the joint work with Coneval, he commented that his measurements will be of great help to know where to reinforce in each of the seven measurements of poverty to which Dr. Hernández Licona mentioned, in order to reduce this condition among the Sinaloans.

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