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The influencer Omar Alonso launched his site of authentic experiences in Oaxaca, as a tourist promotion, the main activity of the state.

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It began as a page of tourist promotion for the state of Oaxaca, but the idea did not come alone as a product of inspiration, Omar Alonso had to emigrate to the United States to seek better opportunities and it was this trip that gave him the opportunity to undertake a market that is now part of his life, sustainable and local tourism.

For the past six years he has begun to realize his dream of making other people know the customs of his home state, the places he takes his clients are places that he liked to visit or that he knew linked to memories and involvement in the culture, with which he grew up in a pluricultural state such as Oaxaca.

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His parents are originally from a small coastal community, so from the state capital, Omar frequently went to many more communities to get to San Pedro Jicayán. Then he emigrated to the United States as 4.9 million Mexicans living in the neighboring country have done, according to figures from the Pew Research Research Center study in 2017.

When he migrated, he started working in Los Angeles and he knew a place where he found the folklore and the flavor of Oaxaca, so he frequented it a lot during the 10 years of his stay. But coincidentally during a vacation in Oaxaca he met the daughter of the owners of that place in Los Angeles that made him feel at home. Given the chance the administration of the premises passed from the parents to the children and the friend of Omar called him to collaborate with her.

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Result of that alliance Omar returned to Oaxaca to begin working in a niche of opportunity, so with the knowledge of the experiences of the management of the tourism sector he undertook in Oaxaca a series of experiences in local communities located around the center of this state .

“In Oaxaca there is a lot of diversity of communities, many of them have their own crafts,” he said in an interview, so Omar’s experiences are based on visiting sites that are located in the most important towns and near downtown Oaxaca, and that their production of goods and services have a special importance in the gastronomic sector.

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Populations such as Tlacolula and Ocotlán are some of the communities that, according to the influencer of tourism in Oaxaca, benefit from their activity.

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But, it is not surprising that this influencer has gained relevance with its website and its Youtube platform;because tourism is one of the most profitable activities left to the state in southern Mexico.

Only in the year of 2017 this activity triggered an economic loss of 14,000 million pesos in the locality, where it was also sought for this first semester of the year to increase at least 3 percent.

Tourism wave is coming in Oaxaca

About this activity that the Oaxacans are looking forward to, one of the biggest festivities in the region, the governor, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, presented the program of the Guelaguetza 2019, in which an economic outlay of 417 million 259 thousand 548 pesos is expected.

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This year it is expected that the number of tickets is 18% higher compared to last year, also authorities of Culture and Tourism of the State noted that the Mezcal Fair that accompanies the so-called Monday of the Hill, will move to the Cultural Center of Conventions and that the artisanal and gastronomic fair that was also installed in the Paseo Juárez, also located in the same capital. This festivity will also be attended by Oaxaca-nominated Oscar, Yalitza Aparicio, who now also resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Source: el economista

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