Sinaloa: Morena Party, deputies who voted against equal marriage will be separated


Deputy Jesus Palestino Carrera said that the vote on equal marriage was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” within the Parliamentary Group of Moreno 

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – The Morenista party in the Congress of the State of Sinaloa, have decided to separate six of its deputies of the Parliamentary Group, since they have not been able to work “to there liking” with the rest of their companions, indicated Jesus Palestino Carrera.

“They (the remaining 16) are in the belief that we must blindly obey everything, then they have been violating political rights of many people because of us (the deputies); we represent many sectors of society, not just a group and less a minority group, “he said.

The separation comes from those six parliamentarians who on Tuesday decided in the State Congress to say ‘no’ to marriage between people of the same sex, and that they now sent as a representative, in front of the media, to Palestino Carrera to announce their symbolic separation from the rest of morenistas deputies.

The morenista said that the vote on the initiative was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” within the Parliamentary Group, in addition to what the media has taken for granted regarding the decision they made and the threatening Internet criticism made by social network users.

Regarding the investigation process that now faces by the National Commission of Honesty and Justice, after voting against the opinion, stressed that this body has the obligation to receive complaints because that’s what the are paid for, however, does not mean that you already have a resolution.

“The media have misinterpreted this reception (of complaints), which is the obligation of the Commission, to receive and that is all (…) Welcome the investigation, for that they are; It is their responsibility (sic.) to do that investigation, “he said.

The deputy assured that later other fellow morenistas of the group will join this “separation”, because he considers that they no longer support the situation and that they want to express their ideas and projects but they are told not to do so.

Facing the investigation that crosses along with Flora Isela Miranda Leal, Mariana de Jesus Red Sanchez, Apolinar García Carrera, Rosa Inés López Castro and Fernando Mascareño Duarte, Palestino Carrera was calm, because he trusts that his work will protect him.

“An organic law protects me here, while I do my work here; I already searched for the rights that I have here in this Sovereignty and the word ‘approve’ does not appear, the word ‘vote’ appears; my responsibility is to vote; If I take a ‘good’ vote, it’s good, but if I do it badly, I’m fine too, “he added.

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