According to “Entrepreneur Mexico” 25 business ideas to make money with millennials


Experiences, independence, collaboration, and criticism. These words characterize the generation of young adults. Know how to conquer them.

The opinions expressed by the employees of Entrepreneur Mexico are personal.

1. Cell phone accessories

Ipsos and Motorola verified in their study Life Balance and Telephone what many already knew: millennials have an emotional dependence on their phones, since 75% of the interviewed admitted feeling panic when they think they have lost their equipment. Hence, they consider it an object of extreme care. Market cell phone cases, and other fashion accessories, in a kiosk located in a shopping center, where you also offer basic repairs. You can join a network of franchises, such as Cellairis, for 500,000 pesos of initial investment.

2. Healthy foods for the office

inRead invented by Teads

Visual fatigue, back pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, obesity, exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome and stress are the main health problems that affect Mexicans at work, according to the 2016 Aon Health Survey. Combat problems of overweight and sedentary lifestyle in the workplace offering healthy foods prepared at home. Distribute them among the workers with a service cart, or mount a refrigerated display case and leave the snacks on deposit, refilling it every third day.

3. Tapas bar

“Salir de tapas” is an everyday activity for Spaniards and is also among the preferences of Mexican millennials. Open a tapas bar (small portions of food mounted on bread). Include in your menu between three or four dozen varieties, both cold and hot, sweet and salty. Do not forget the traditional summer red wine (red wine and cold lemon drink) and other snacks such as olives, ham, paella and Spanish omelette. The 100 Montaditos franchise offers to add you to its network for an initial investment of 1 million 500,000 pesos.

4. Exit rooms

Studies by Harris Group and EventBrite found that three out of four millennials prefer experiences over objects. One indicator of this trend is the rapid rise of escape rooms, a concept in which users are locked up for an hour in a room where they have to solve clues to get out. Develop themed games such as a bank vault, a submarine, a spaceship, a prison or even terror scenes. Join the Enigma Rooms franchise, with nine locations in the country, for 1 million 100,000 pesos of initial investment.

5. Programming courses

IT Jobs reveals that in 2017 the number of job offers in the information technology industry grew 57.5%. And it is that more and more companies expand their area of ​​systems and demand specialized workers in programming, computer security and big data. Contribute to cover the demand with a school where you teach development courses in programming languages, such as Java, Python or C, and other advanced disciplines. Look for partnerships with technology companies that offer scholarships to students, as well as coworking spaces to be your classrooms.

6. Online courses

inRead invented by Teads

Having a professional degree is no longer enough and millennials are taking responsibility for their training. Develop an e-learning platform that offers everything from language courses to sales and excel, without forgetting other more avant-garde such as data science or 3D animation. Partner with specialized schools or certified freelance teachers to develop the agendas and video material. It offers a variety of subjects and levels of learning and even content in English to expand your target.

7. Exercise for moms

Millennial women who have already become mothers want to recover their figure or, at least, keep fit. Set up a business in which they can exercise with special gymnastics and fitness routines for pregnant women or for the postpartum stage, or that they can carry out together with their children and help them to tone their bodies and emotional health. Work with small groups in salons or gyms or organize outings in the open air. You can also include classes at home.

8. Coworking space

Millennials mark territory in the way they do business and their office needs go beyond a boardroom, internet and telephone. Offer them a relaxed and professional work environment that ranges from fixed desks to private startup offices. Collect monthly memberships for the spaces. Be creative when designing the areas and make them stand out from the rest of the coworkings (from a terrace to a 3D laboratory).

  • Success example: COW

9. Personal finances in your pocket

It happens to many millennials: each time they pay less money and they do not know why or what they are spending it on. Contribute to improve your personal finances through technology by developing an assistant of your money that allows you to control your expenses. A plus: to notify them of any charge or commission they have not approved. To do this, the platform must be synchronized with all user accounts, so that it can have its movements in real time on the same screen. Eye: you must take special care in data protection to give confidence to customers.

10. Photographs at home

This generation still used roll cameras and photo albums to protect their memories. Therefore, having printed the multiple moments they have stored on their cell phones is something they will value. And if you save them money and time (by receiving the images by mail or application), you will conquer them. In addition to professional printing of photographs in various sizes, it offers the design of soft or hard paste albums and home delivery. And why not: give them an extra detail wrapping them as a gift.

11. Gym with music

What better companion to exercise than a good playlist? Motivate the millennials to leave the headphones with a gym concept that combines the music of great international DJs with a high intensity interval training and specific breaks, guided by coaches. Distribute the different areas to tone throughout the week and develop a schedule of schedules to guarantee the quorum. You can charge per class or per monthly membership and give special prices or day pass for first time users.

12. Playroom

Some millennials are already parents and, unlike other generations, they are rethinking the rules when it comes to raising their children. However, a little help does not hurt anyone. Start with a playroom in which you offer a creative, safe and fun space in which your children can experience free play and develop their creativity. It receives children from six months to eight years and allows their parents to join the activities. Generates extra income selling didactic toys, books, costumes and accessories.

13. Makeup by catalog

Lips, eyes, eyebrows, face, fragrances. Regardless of age, women are attracted to these types of products to look and feel good. Market these categories in the hand of a recognized brand of sale by catalog that guarantees the quality of the items as well as an attractive compensation scheme, and even, allows you to offer credit to your customers. The model is simple but requires that you follow the needs of your buyers as well as the collection so as not to decapitalize you.

14. Different Mezcal

Little by little, young people and contemporary adults are building a new culture that highlights the quality, denomination of origin and possibilities of mezcal pairing. Idea novel combinations and surprise consumers with unexpected proposals, such as mezcal-jamaica or mezcal-tamarind. Enter the market by allying yourself with local consumption centers, canteens and bars, or go to winery and retail chains. A fact: according to the Regulatory Council of the Mezcal (CRM), this drink had a consumption of 315,000 liters in 2017.

15. Mocktails

“Just as food is oriented towards organic and healthy, what we drink also needs to include healthier options,” says Bill Gamelli, president of Mocktails Beverages, one of the first companies to market mocktails , or alcohol-free drinks. Explore recipes, techniques and supplies in a trend (for example, kombucha) by training in gastronomy schools, such as the Mexican School of Specialty Cafes, and visit restaurants and consumer centers that seek to expand their menu.

16. Efficient removals

According to Nielsen’s Lifestyles report, only 26% of millennials want to be awarded a home; the rest prefer to rent. Help them find the best move for their house changes by developing a digital comparator of freight and removal companies that lists at least five different options. Compare variables of price, type of transport, schedules, extra fees (such as foreign removals) and customer ratings. Take care that the companies you include are verified and offer security to your users.

17. Pet Sitters

Some millennials do not have children but they do have pets. And when they have to leave for pleasure, work or business, they suffer because they do not have anyone to order their dogs or cats. Serve this niche by administering a platform to connect these owners with certified caregivers who will host them in their homes, without cages. It guarantees the safety of pets with alliances with 24/7 veterinary services or specialized insurers and asks caregivers to send pictures to owners frequently to check their welfare.

18. Express News

With the hectic pace of life there is little time left to stay informed of what is happening in the world. Help your audience not to be left out of the conversation by subscribing to morning newsletters that are quick to read, with a simple and fresh language and that gather the most relevant information. It includes about six news. One piece of information: 82% of American millennials read news through social networks; 69% do so at least once a day, according to the American Press Institute.

19. Retro wave

“The vintage works because it evokes memories that connect with the emotions of the customer,” says Jaime Reneses of the Spanish company Retrofootball, dedicated to selling t-shirts and soccer jackets with a retro look, like that of the Mexican team in the World Cup. from 1970. Bet on this retro wave with a vintage shop or a bar where you can play songs from the 60s and 70s and from the 80s pop and rock and pop that bet on nostalgia.

20. Restoring of wings

This gastronomic concept has boomed in recent years: the number of specialized restaurants in the sector grows 10% per year. The wings can be combined with sauces of different types (from bittersweet to very spicy) and are accompanied by French fries and vegetables with dressing, without forgetting a good beer. In addition to the flavor and quality of your supplies, take care that your business has its own personality: set in retro, industrial, sport or military, as does the Wing’s Army franchise (with an initial investment of 3.2 million pesos).

21. Pet store

Having a pet involves significant expenses for food, grooming, veterinary medicine and entertainment, to name a few. Open a store where the owners find everything they need in one place, self-service style. Be inclusive: in addition to dogs and cats, contemplate rodents, fish, birds and other species such as reptiles. If you are looking for a turnkey model that also offers you the advantages of a business network, the Supervet franchise manages an initial investment of 271,128 pesos.

22. Motorcycle tours

Tourism is an activity that offers endless possibilities to explore, such as the 111 magical towns scattered in different states of the country. Enter this industry offering motorcycle or motorcycle tours that surprise national and foreign visitors. When using this means of transport, the journey will be fast and flexible according to your tastes and interests. Keep in mind that you will need a guide / driver for each client, as it is not safe for tourists to drive their own motorcycle or for more than one person per unit.

23. Shared executive transportation

Moving to the workplace can be chaotic: the 2017 Global Traffic INRIX Meter revealed that Chilangos drivers spend about 13% of their day stuck in traffic. It facilitates your life by offering executive transfer services, with amenities such as USB chargers and on-board Wi-Fi. Acquire van vans and equip them with surveillance cameras. It establishes routes that cross the most populated colonies and that make fixed stops in areas of offices. Train drivers so that users feel safe at all times.

24. Shared trips

The collaborative economy has been driven by this generation more than by any other. This promotes the exchange of goods or services based on an approach of solidarity, mutual benefit and savings. Take advantage of this trend by developing a platform where users share their car to make cheap road trips. Focus on the safety of the driver and passengers and requires that both pass filters that certify that the trips will run smoothly.

25. Laundry and dry cleaning at home

Washing and ironing clothes can be the most hated domestic chores. Facilitate the life of your customers by collecting dirty laundry at home, washing and ironing it in small dry cleaners, and returning it up to 48 hours later ready to use. Offers packages according to the level of use and competing services. A tip: develop an application to facilitate communication with your customers, the receipt and payment of orders and the scheduling or cancellation of deliveries. Mr Jeff, brand of Spanish origin, offers franchises for 258,700 pesos of initial investment.

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