Seguro Popular affiliates 1,644 migrants in Tabasco


Although the current administration has said that this institution would be eliminated, it now provides services to Central American migrants.

 From January to May of this year 1,644 migrants joined the Seguro Popular in Tabasco, who have been given more than three thousand attentions in health centers and first, second and third level units, without there being any bias of discrimination, assured the owner of the area, Gabriela Tello Maglioni.

The health official stressed that migrants do not represent a burden for the public treasury and the Seguro Popular is prepared to provide financial and budgetary assistance.

Tello Maglioni said that Tabascans can be sure that by attending to a migrant does not take away the attention of any fellow, because the budget for Popular Insurance coverage in the entity is between 1,300 and 1,400 million pesos.

He said that there are instructions so that in the points of Tenosique (municipality adjacent to Guatemala) and Chontalpa Station (area adjacent to Veracruz), there is a decent treatment for all migrants in the modules to obtain their policy and can be served in some medical unit.

He stressed that so far there has been no discriminatory treatment towards migrants in the care modules, so the instruction is to provide them with dignified treatment.

On the other hand, the State Institute for Women (IEM) channeled a Honduran migrant to the Regional Hospital of High Specialty in Mental Health and her newborn son to the DIF in Tabasco.

The head of the agency, Nelly Vargas Pérez, referred another case of a migrant assisted by the IEM, where a woman who married a citizen of Tabasco and was killed, which was accompanied by a legal case of feminicide and the murderer received his sentence.

He explained that next week during the installation of the Consultative Council of the IEM, he will propose that the delegate of the National Migration Institute (Inami) in Tabasco be included as a member with voice and vote.

Source: notimex

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