Mazatlan Mayor removes chairs, tables and other obstructions from the sidewalks in Mazatlan


The “Free Sidewalk” program will continue to raise awareness among all businesses in the locality, said Verónica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mayor’s Office, through its inspectors has proceeded to remove, even in some cases protect chairs, tables, and other things from the business for obstructing the sidewalks, and not allowing the passage to the pedestrian, said Veronica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta.

Similarly, he clarified in the reviews of some stores have detected that they do not have their original permits, or they already bring them expired and they are asked to go to regularize.   

“As such, we have found a couple of permits, which were copies of other permits, that is, common copies, for that kind of business is returned when they do not bring the original document we have found that they are at some point already expired and not they have come to do the update, “he explained.

The Senior Officer pointed out that where they have most encountered resistance has been in the vicinity of the municipal markets, and although they have invited them to retire, they are again obstructing the sidewalks. 

“Around the markets regularly are the places where we have found the most resistance; However, in the coming days we will look for a meeting, which together with the DIF we will sit down to talk with the tenants and their representatives so that they are part of this “Free Sidewalks” program, he said.

Bátiz Acosta said that the “Free Sidewalks” program will continue to raise awareness among all businesses in the town, that these places are important because pedestrians and people with disabilities travel.  

Source: linea directa

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