The Beaches of Maviri Sinaloa will be closed due to the high presence of jellyfish


Hundreds of people have suffered stings due to the presence of the species in the area

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Los Mochis, Sin.- Because hundreds of people have been affected with skin burns caused by contact with the so-called jellyfish or Aguamalas, which abound on El Maviri beach, the Civil Protection coordination of the State Government will proceed to the installation of red flags in warning bathers about the risks involved in getting into trouble, said the head of the area in the north, Omar Mendoza.

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“Today we will close the beach for bathers temporarily, we have a high presence of jellyfish since last week, the weekend saw injuries of up to 200 people, on Sunday was the highest number with approximately 120, this Monday and Tuesday we had 40 injuries for each day, “he said.

The state official explained that it even becomes dangerous to walk on the beach because the jellyfish looks for hot water.


“And if the whole beach is full of jellyfish, not only if you get into the water can you get injured but also walking on the beach you can get stung because the acid in jellyfish is still valid,” he said.

Omar Mendoza explained that the closure of the beach will continue until it is decreed that there is no risk to bathers.

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