Survey says a growing number of Mexicans want AMLO to resign


Those who would vote in favor of Lopez Obrador remaining in the presidential chair amount to 52% of the population, this is 18.7 percentage points less than last February. 

In four months, the popular perception regarding the performance of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has turned negative and the number of people who believe that the president should resign has even increased.

national survey prepared by Mexico Elige , a Digital Investigations agency, details that, if a process of revocation of the mandate of the presidency will be carried out, 42.5% of Mexicans would vote for the resignation of AMLO.

Those who would vote in favor of Lopez Obrador remaining in the presidential chair amount to 52% of the population, however, this percentage represents 18.7 percentage points less than the figure for February of this year (70.7%).

The proposed revocation of mandate, which is analyzed in the Congress of the Union, establishes that this process would take place on the same day as the election day in which federal deputies are elected and could be requested by the Congress of the Union.

AMLO approval level also decreased in June 19.7% since February, when it was at its highest level with 73% approval. The same thing happened with the “qualification” that the respondents assigned since in the second month of the year López Obrador had an average of 68.8 and for June it decreased to 49.7.

Despite this fall in the acceptance of its management, the decisions of the president during his first six months at the head of the federal administration are still rated as positive by the majority of respondents.

For example, when asking the reason for the resignation of officials such as Germán Martínez Cázares, director of the IMSS; or Josefa González Blanco, extitular of Semarnat; 54.4% of the respondents indicated that they did not coincide with the vision of AMLO.

Respondents also noted as the first cause of the shortage of medicines to “the corruption of past governments” with up to 48%; while 69% considered that the cancellation of taxes to companies was positive.

The survey prepared by México Elige was applied to 10,987 Mexicans with access to Facebook from June 4 to 8 of this year.


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