Mazatlan officials find plague in roots of palms trees of the Malecon; Municipality and State begin their rescue


The Directorates of Public Services and Ecology and Environment, in coordination with state government specialists, work for the good of the Mazatlan plants. In a joint effort to rescue diseased palm trees located mainly on the waterfront, the Public Services and Ecology and Environment joined forces, starting this Monday, with specialists from the state government.

Luis Antonio González Olague, Director of Public Services, explained that this joint work is born of the concern that the palms that were not planted in optimal conditions by the last administration are still dying since it was discovered that there are bacteria in the roots. 
“Yesterday more specific irrigation began in terms of giving more space to the palm tree and dosing both with the nutrients and the pesticides that are required because they detected several pests in the root and already with that we hope that some survive, “he said.

Up to the moment of 1 thousand 284 palm trees located in different points of the city, 231 are dead, 585 sick, 55 about to dry, 167 in regular condition, 12 logged and 235 in good condition. 
The types of these palm trees are Datileras (all dead), Cocoplumosa (all dead), Palma Real (1 copy), Washingtonia and Cocoteras.

Source: rasnoticias

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