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Mazatlan public works will remove all palm trees from the Malecón

The director of the area, Luis Antonio González Olague, said that the palms were never for that area, so they dried up and can not do anything

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. ‘The palm tree that was put on the Malecon was not the most appropriate’, assured the director of Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague, since he mentioned that they have been working on the plants, and they have not responded, they remain dry and only await authorization from the Ecology management to be able to remove them.

“This problem has been detected for some time, a problem that unfortunately the palm trees that are left will not survive, the study was done and we saw that although we have fertilizers, they have no possibilities, the palm tree that were put on the boardwalk, are not the most appropriate. “

“I would be waiting for Ecology to give us the green light to begin to remove them, because the palms are not going to survive, we have already treated them and they are not responding,” he said.

– How many would have to be removed?

“I do not have the number, but I think that all of them, except the coqueras, because they are date-setters”.

– Will they have to be replaced?

“It is necessary to put something, and we will put something endemic to support it, and that area is very subject to the sea breeze, not everyone survives,” he said.

He reiterated that it was a mistake to put the current palm trees that are mostly dry, so the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, recently said they would be looking for a new agreement to install new ones.

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