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What can you do for the Malecon Palm Trees in Mazatlan?

In their time they were beautiful palm trees on the Malecon; Mazatlan government’s pride and tourist beauty, but the bureaucracy of the Mazatlan government lets them die, while the state government has already said, via the Directorate of Public Works, that the palm trees are not part of the work or competition of the state administration . 

On the Paseo del Mar or Malecón, the most beautiful in Latin America, there are expensive palm trees, of more than 20 thousand pesos, languishing due to lack of water, fertilizer, and maintenance. 

Other palm trees look like giant dusters, dry with the leaves about to fall. We would like to ask locals and tourists if they would take a photo on those palms

Many people ask the question in social networks: Until when the municipal authority will remain insensitive to these palms and do something for them; Where is the Department of Ecology to intervene in any way? 

Our question is whether they have already been allowed to die, why do not they retire them, or is this the new image of the Malecón? 

What can you do for the palm trees of the Malecón?

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