Mexico is chosen as the friendliest country in the world


According to Internations, a list was made with the 10 friendliest countries in the world. At number 10 is Portugal, a country with very good beaches for surfing, and also has very good cuisine.

Israel is at number 9. Quite the opposite of what other people think, Israel stands out as a country with very friendly and bearable people.

In number 8 is Taiwan, representing the Asian continent. The number 7 is for Colombia, a country full of flavor and dignified color representative of friendly people.

In number 6 is Uganda, the country where you must go if you want to follow the route of the orangutans.

In number 5 is Ecuador, full of friendly people and activities full of adventure.

The number 4 is for the stunning and natural Costa Rica, the number 3 is for Sebia, despite being in a cold area of ​​the world people are very friendly and try to help you when you visit.

Number 2 is for Bahrain, full of people willing to show you more of their culture. And in position 1 is Mexico who leads the list due to people willing to show more of their customs, music and typical food. Nothing better than a Mexican proud of his own!

Source: internations

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