Half of Mazatlán Without water and barely yesterday JUMAPAM warns that another pipeline was broken


A pipeline broke at the airport junction and left Mazatlan without water, but JUMPAM again did not alert the public, until Monday where it regrets that the repair was delayed.

When thousands of people are outraged by the lack of service and more for not knowing what is happening with the paramunicipal, they were not interested in notifying the moment when the pipeline that supplies the other half of the city was broken. . The previous week was in the Cinco Mil tank. 
Since Saturday, the reporter users had low pressure, and on Sunday, the problem generalized, without any explanation.

Until this morning it was known that it happened. The Water Board issued a bulletin to announce that it will be until tomorrow when the supply is restored.

And the manager of Ismael Tiznado regretted the delay and justified that the piece had to be made in Culiacán “It happened that this tube is too big and too long for what we have planned in spare parts, had to send a special to Culiacán, this made the repair a little delayed, therefore I offer an apology to the citizenship, “according to the statement.

He also mentions that valves have already been opened so that water can reach homes.

In other administrations, as soon as a problem of these was presented, the JUMAPAM issued a warning of urgency so that the citizenship was aware and now they are looking for it not to be known.

Source: rasnoticias

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