Mazatlan is one of the safest tourist destinations to vacation


The tourist of Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Nuevo Leon assure that their stay in the port was enjoyed to the maximum since they could travel the city at night feeling safe and they were not ripped off

Mazatlan, Sin.- This weekend hundreds of tourists return to their destination, after spending at least a week in Mazatlan, where they could enjoy the different attractions of the city without fear of being scammed as they could observe how the state police and municipal carried out constant routes to ensure greater security for visitors.

In a tour that the Línea Directa team carried out through various hotels in the city, visitors who were about to leave the towers, assured that Mazatlan is one of the safest destinations for tourism, since entire families traveled late at night. night by fate and were never ripped off or victims of an attack.

“Yes I saw in several sides policemen and all that there were several sides, Yes I felt at ease”.

“I left in fact yesterday at night and all very well, there was no mishap or anything, all quiet, congratulations to all of Mazatlan, very good hosts.”

“Security is very good. Did you feel safe in the city? Yes, insurance, if we feel good. ” 

The residents of Aguascalientes, Mexico and Nuevo Leon said that hotels, restaurants, and the transportation sector offer a good service, and above all that they manage affordable prices, so they plan to plan their next holidays in advance to enjoy more days in the port of Mazatlan and have fun with the wonders that the tourist destination has.

Source: linea directa

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