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Tijuana Tacos, the tastiest in Mexico

They were poblanos those who contributed their flavor to the taste of the tijuanenses

Mexico is recognized worldwide for its cuisine and one of its favorite dishes are the tacos. Those who have toured the different corners of our country say that the city that offers the best tacos is Tijuana.

In fact, the tacos represent an industry in economic terms for this municipality, because practically in each corner of the main streets there is a taqueria and these generate direct and indirect jobs through the sale of inputs such as gas, coal, meat, tortillas, vegetables and many others.

This urban dish has three fundamental stages in the history of Tijuana according to the chronicler Mario Ortiz Villacorta : the first, the steam tacos whose main exponent was the trade known as La Especial, the second, with flour tortilla and large size (Sonoran influence) through the Bol Corona and the third and perhaps more important: that of the roast taco style “poblano”.

“The typical taco from Tijuana seems to be of poblano origin because those that have made the taco style fashionable are poblanos, even the names of the shops give them Tacos El Poblano, Tacos El Poblanito, Tacos Los Poblanos” the historian pointed out.

The taco de asada for those who live in Tijuana seems common, but when traveling to other cities you realize the differences, that’s why we tell you: How is a taco roast in this border town?

-Tortilla of freshly made corn.

-Corn roasted chopped.


-Covered onion and cilantro


-Head beans (to taste)

The funny thing is that although they were poblanos who gave their flavor to the Mexican dish, they did it to the taste of the Tijuana native and that is why it is in Tijuana where you find them and not precisely in Puebla.

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