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Genoveva Casanova has great interest to invest in Mazatlan

The famous socialite Genoveva Casanova visited the main attractions of Mazatlan and was said to be in love with the port; could bring European investment

Mazatlan.- It seems that good things come to Mazatlan, during the first days of Holy Week, the port of the Pearl of the Pacific received the visit of the famous socialite Genoveva Casanova, who contracted nuptials with Cayetano Martínez de Irujo son of the Duchess of Alba of the Kingdom of Spain.

After his arrival in Mazatlan, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of the State of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros was in charge of showing the beauties that the port has, beauties that fall in love and that could be the door for Genoveva Casanova to invest in Mazatlan.

According to Hector Ponce’s Political Quarter column, which was published today in the print edition of EL DEBATE , Óscar Pérez Barros took on the task of showing the main attractions of the Pearl of the Pacific, such as the Ángela Peralta theater , The Lighthouse, the Malecón, the Plazuela Machado and the Historical Center to the distinguished visitor.

It was also said that the famous socialite Genoveva Casanova has a great interest in investing in Mazatlan , where she was amazed, because we know that it took a great taste because even in their social networks said “in love with Mazatlan.”

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Investments with European flavor?

The above opens the possibility that Mazatlan not only can continue with national and American investments but now this could go further with European investors.

Since the great news is that someone with their influence comes to invest in the port, we know that their capital is accompanied by strong national and European investors.

Source: el debate

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