Narcocorridos music will not be allowed during the Mazatlan carnival festivities


Musicians who do not comply with the recommendation will be called warned

Ana Lidia Avilés.

Mazatlan, Sin. – During the festivities of the Mazatlan Carnival that began on Thursday and end on Tuesday, it is not allowed to play the narco corridos and the musical groups that have requested permission to exercise the activity, it has been made clear that it is not allowed. Beatriz Bátiz Acosta.

The Senior Official warned that musicians who do not comply will be called warned and if they persist, they will act with the support of the Public Safety area.

She commented that the permission granted to musicians who request to play during the festivities of King Momo, the permit has a cost of 100 pesos for locals and 150 for non locals.

“They have been told that they should not touch narco corridos, we hope they comply with the request because otherwise there will be sanctions if they violate the request,” she said.

Bátiz Acosta mentioned that 60 inspectors are incorporated into the inspection and surveillance operations so that order prevails among the commerce sector, during the maximum celebration of the town.

Source: radioformulamazatlan

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