Mazatlan: Condoms to be distributed during Carnival


The distribution of condoms during the celebration of Carnival in Mazatlan seeks to avoids some sexually transmitted disease or unplanned pregnancy.

MazatlanSinaloa .- Around 40 thousand condoms will be distributed during the first parade of allegorical cars, on the fourth day of the maximum celebration of the port, the International Carnival of Mazatlan.

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The director of Compartiendo Retos, Daysi Balam, commented that the activity is supported by the current municipal administration, by opening the distribution of condoms.

Fortunately, this year it seems that the municipality has another way of working, by giving more openness, so it gave us space in the advance of the float parade.

Director of Sharing Challenges, Daysi Balam.

They will distribute condoms in Carnival of Mazatlan 2019

He clarified that the purpose of Compartiendo Retos is not to be inside the floats, because the only thing they will focus on is the delivery of at least one condom per person.

The activist, he said, the preventive material was provided by the Ministry of Health, although they did not have time to request support from other organizations because of the decrease in resources that has occurred.

Precisely, for that day, he acknowledged, will not count on the establishment for the taking of rapid tests for the detection of HIV, which previously was installed next to the Parque Martiniano Carvajal.

He said that the civil association that presides focused on this massive event, because they will reach the largest number of people who can receive condoms.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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