You’ll be able to track buses in real time thanks to the Mazatlan App


The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan, Mario Rafael González Sánchez, assured that work continues on the app that will be able to monitor urban busses in real-time

Mazatlan is very close to making it a reality that users of public transport can locate the route of buses in real-time.

This is thanks to an app, which once it is finished, users will be able to download and thereby monitor the bus route they wish to use.

Rafael González explained that there is a coordination with the Urban Truck Alliance, as well as Águilas del Pacífico, so that everyone provides their GPS service and also included a panic button.


The foregoing, so that users can be aware of where and where their public transport comes from.

“We are trying to get (Roads and Transportation) to give us the location of each of the units in real time on the routes that are on the way.”

With this, the user “will have control of where the bus is and where you arrive”

Finally, the delegate explained that there are more than 600 truck units and that none could be exempt from what could be a reality for the port of Mazatlán.


The Mazatlan Post