Public transport in Mazatlan cant be trusted; surprise operations on public transport units will continue


The Sinaloa Road and Transportation Directorate published on its Facebook account that the surprise operations on public transport will continue.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The Directorate of Roads and Transportation of Sinaloa confirmed that its staff has carried out operations in the public transport in Mazatlan and that these actions will continue in response to the demand of users of this service.

In his Facebook account, the unit headed by Miguel Loaiza Pérez, announced the last days of June, the actions were carried out in coordination with Guillermo Tolosa, who is Chief of Inspectors of the Southern Zone of the state.

He explained that in the operations they inspect urban, tourist, regional transport units, as well as taxis, aurigas, and pulmonías, in the month of May, 178 tickets were prepared with 194 infractions, while in June, 45 tickets with 52 infractions.

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Loaiza Pérez clarified that most of the infractions sanction the permit holders of the different modalities for not fulfilling conditions of capacity, efficiency, safety and decorum in the provision of the public service under concession; among other irregularities.

It should be noted that a few days ago, Mario Rafael González Sánchez, Roads Delegate in Mazatlan, described these operations as a lack of respect, which, he assured, generated complaints from tourists from Sonora, Las Vegas, and Tampico.

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The indications of the Mazatlán Delegation regarding the operations of the Directorate and the bulletin issued by the State Highway show that there is no coordination between González Sánchez and Loaiza Pérez, heads of both dependencies.


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