Picnic on the river? Here are the details of this event so you can go with the family


It will be held on the banks of the Presidio River, next Sunday, March 13, as a form of water awareness.

MAZATLAN. – The association, Conselva, Costas y Comunidades, launched a call called “Picnic en el Río”, which consists of meeting as an association and society on the banks of the Presidio River and carrying out activities aimed at raising awareness about water care.  

The initiative promotes reflection, enjoyment, and citizen involvement in the care, protection, and positive use of their closest river.  

What will be done?  

The idea of ​​the celebration is to thank the river with sanitation actions, followed by a picnic under the “zero waste” philosophy, that is, without generating garbage, so each participant must bring their food in containers, avoiding the use of disposable.  

During the picnic, they will have a brief talk about the importance of the Presidio River for Sinaloa, a river stone painting workshop, there will be music, a play called “The Humpback Whale”, performed by Lucía Sapien. 

In addition, there will be poetry and short story readings, coffee, and snacks. 

Do you want to go? 

The association listed a series of items with which you can attend to have a good time, for example, food in reusable containers, reusable water bottles and thermos, cloth bags to pack food, a cap or hat to cover yourself from the sun, clothing and comfortable shoes, gloves for cleaning and a blanket for the picnic.  

When and at what time?

The appointment is next Sunday, March 13, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at the Presidio river resort, right at the Villa Unión bridge, parking will be at the Conagua facilities, but if you do not have a vehicle, the association puts at your disposal a unit that will leave at 8:00 a.m. from the parking lot of Walmart and Sam’s Club La Marina.  

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